Thank you truckers

We want to recognise the UK’s professional drivers for their hard work and commitment to one of our country’s most demanding and important jobs, so throughout the whole month of November, we’re going to be celebrating the role drivers play in the UK’s economy.

Across our social media profiles we’re going to be sharing why we’re thankful for truckers and the impact they have on every single person in the country, so make sure you like us on Facebook to join in with the celebrations.

From the trunkers and the trampers to the local delivery drivers, we want to thank you for all you do. Some people take truck drivers for granted, but our society simply could not operate without your hard work. You drive more miles in a week than most of us drive in months.

Driver of the Year

We’re also asking our clients to shortlist drivers who they think deserve extra recognition and be crowned as Driver of the Year for each of our branches. Each Driver of the Year will be awarded a £100 shopping voucher – just in time for Christmas. Our Drivers of the Year will be announced the first week of December on the Bluestones Logistics Facebook page, so don’t forget to Like and Follow us to ensure you find out who the winners are – it might be you!

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