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Best and worst roads in the UK

The UK’s road network covers an impressive 245,000 miles, with approximately 40 million vehicles navigating them daily. The country’s roads have improved a lot since their humble beginnings 2000 years ago, but not all roads have been created (or maintained!) equal. As the people who spend the most time and travel the most miles on this nation’s roads do you know what the best and worst roads to drive on are?

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Bluestones Logistics launches “Thank you truckers” campaign

Bluestones Logistics has launched a new campaign celebrating the people who work one of the country’s most demanding and important jobs – professional driving.

The “Thank you truckers” campaign has been designed to celebrate professional drivers, who are often overlooked, and remind the public of the important job these people do. 

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Haunted highways, monstrous motorways and revolting roads

The leaves are falling off the trees and there’s a certain chill in the air as the time of year approaches when everyone shares their best ghost stories and attempt to scare their friends, but it isn’t just houses that are haunted – throughout the UK there have been numerous reports of supernatural activity on many roads, highways and motorways.

Whether you’re superstitious or not, have you experienced anything a bit weird on any of these allegedly haunted UK roads?

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