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Essentials to pack on a night out

If you’re one of the many long-haul truckers who keeps the UK moving by ensuring deliveries are made overnight, you’ll know how important it is to have a well prepped night pack so you can try and turn your cab into a home from home. If you’re new to long-haul trucking it can take months of trial and error to find what useful extras you should pack to make life on the road more comfortable. 

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Driverless lorries: Good or bad?

Talk of “driverless” lorries has been flying around for ages, then finally last week (25th August 2017) it was announced they will be trialed on UK roads by the end of 2018. Some people think the platoon trials are the best thing since sliced bread, others think it’s a colossally bad idea.

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Top ten driving songs

Just because you’re stuck in your cab doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some tunes on the road. Music has the power to change your mood, perk you up and pass the time. So we’ve compiled our top ten driving songs to help you make the best driving playlist of all time (in our opinion!).

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